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Mom Shares Simple Trick To Keep Strawberries Fresh In The Fridge For Weeks

After getting a package of strawberries, you expect them to last for a few days at least.

Unless you’re keeping them as fresh as possible, then there’s a good possibility that they will begin turning brown soon after you put them in the refrigerator.

Fortunately, there are a few tricks for keeping these red berries sweet and tasty for a little longer.

Don’t think just a few days longer. You can keep your berries fresher for a few weeks longer!

Medvedeva Oxana / Shutterstock

You don’t have to spend a lot of time with this simple trick. It doesn’t require a lot of extra supplies and ingredients.

This is a trick that you want to keep in mind if you tend to get strawberries when they’re on sale and you just push them to the back of the refrigerator instead of using them.

It’s also beneficial if you get a package and think that you’re going to use them in recipes and just don’t have time to cook as you thought.

Put your strawberries in a larger bowl. Pour five parts of water and one part of vinegar over the strawberries. Cover the bowl so that the berries can sit for a day or two.

Although water will clean the berries, the vinegar helps to eliminate mold and bacteria that you usually can’t get off with a simple wash and that are usually the reasons why your strawberries begin turning brown a few days after you get them.

When you remove the berries from the mixture, you might see a few pieces of dirt and other debris floating around in the bowl.

You can rinse the berries after you take them from the water, but they really only need a simple wash before you use them.

Make sure you dry them completely because any water left behind could cause mold to begin growing again.