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How Many Girls Are In This Mind-Boggling Photo? People Are Getting The Answer Wrong

The internet has been obsessed with optical illusions lately.

Case in point- the dress phenomenon that took the world by storm a few years ago.

Now there’s another photograph that’s confusing people around the world and making them second guess themselves.

The photo, posted to Instagram by an artist from Switzerland by the name of Tiziana Vergari, shows several girls sitting on a bench with their backs against the wall.

Each girl is clad in a gray dress with their brown locks down in a casual style.

At first glance, it appears there are thirteen girls in the picture.

However, upon closer inspection you can tell that many of the girls look alike.

In fact, it looks like two girls repeated over and over again.

Vergari, who submitted the photograph as part of a weekend contest on Instagram called #Whpidentity, cleared up the confusion with a comment to a perplexed follower.

Responding to @erin.thehuman, Vergari replied, “One think it sure, that I only have two daughter.”

Although it looks like there are thirteen girls in the astounding photograph, there are actually one two.

Vergari had taken her daughters out for a shopping trip and snapped the picture as they were both seated on a bench surrounded by mirrors.

The mirrors created the odd visual effect that has so many wondering how many girls are actually in the photo.

Vergari’s photograph generated so much buzz on social media that she was nominated for a Shorty Award for Instagram Photo of the Year.

How she managed to capture such an incredible photograph shows how much talent this Swiss photographer possesses.

The astonishing image certainly fulfills the definition of an optical illusion as it continues to deceive the eyes of many into thinking there are more than just two girls in the picture.