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They Wondered If Hotels Always Change The Sheets When Guests Check Out, So They Decided To Test Them All

The best thing about sleeping at home is that you know if the sheets are clean or dirty. When you go to a hotel, you assume the sheets have been cleaned – but can you be certain? Well, Inside Edition did some testing – they visited nine hotel chains to see just how sanitary the beds were. The strategy employed the use of a washable black light spray and a stencil.

Once they sprayed the chemicals on the bed, they made it look like the bed had been slept in and came back the next day and tested the sheets (they would be able to tell if the sheets had been changed or not)!

Want to find out what the results were?! You may not want to know! Or, you could use this information to make sure to visit the clean hotels and avoid the nasty ones!

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