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Massive Truck Got Stuck In Snow. Then A Team Of Clydesdale Horses Come To The Rescue

Before we had powerful machines to transport our goods and materials around, we used horses. Some organic farmers still use horses to pull and work on the farm. The Amish people drive horses to pull their wagons and carts. Most people are used to seeing horses in races, shows, or in the Olympics. But what you are about to see is simply awesome.

You are probably familiar with Clydesdale horses from Budweiser commercials – wait until you see them in action! They can do more than pull an old-fashioned wagon! A semi truck got stuck on a road covered in ice and snow. Instead of calling a tow truck (which probably would have also gotten stuck), a team of Clydesdale horses comes to the truck’s aid!

Take a look at this video!

Okay, maybe a ‘team’ is an overstatement, there are only four Clydesdale horses. One big pull and the truck is free! Well done! Share away, people!