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How These Horses React When They’re Let Out To Play After A Huge Snowfall Is Priceless!

Who doesn’t love to play in the snow! I love to play in the snow – what I like least about the snow is having to shovel it off my driveway (again and again)! I remember as a kid my mom used to like to take a ‘Winter Snow Walk’ during the first snowfall before the cars and snowplows had gone through.

We didn’t get much snow this winter where I live, which is fine. But I did miss having a snowy Christmas season. But some areas of the country did get some snowfall. The horses in this video are going on their “Winter Snow Walk” and having the time of their lives!

Take a look at this video

I don’t remember if our family had this much fun on our snow walks! This is what you would call fun in the sun and snow!
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