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Poor Horses Forced To Overwork Thrown In The Garbage When Collapsed

Have you ever heard of Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron? It was a movie revolving around a horse’s freedom and strong will to live. Horses are majestic animals in our eyes, yet they have been suffering to the unrealistic expectations placed on them by humans, especially within the tourism and entertainment industries.

In Cartagena located in Columbia, horses are made to pull heavy carriages and to ferry paying tourists without play or rest. The horses are notoriously known to be severely malnourished and extremely unhappy.

Horses in the city are mostly left for dread once they are deemed unfit to carry out these tasks of ‘human entertainment’. Next time you pay for a horse ride – think twice; you are actually paying cold hard cash to support such an abuse.

Image Credit: yousignanimals

Horses are like humans – they deserve a life free of cruelty.

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