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Horse Starts Trotting, But Watch When The Music Changes — 16 Million Peoples Jaws Dropped!

This video is from 2006, but it is still causing an uproar when people see it! The clip features Andreas Helgstrand and his horse, Blue Hors Matine, performing in the WEG 2006 dressage freestyle finals. The International Equestrian Federation defines dressage as the “highest expression of horse training.” The horse and rider perform a ‘dance’ of movements from memory!

The purpose of the event is to develop the horse’s basic ability and its willingness to work, according to the What this all means is that the horses perform a routine to perfection! Watch and be amazed at how graceful nine-year-old Blue Hors Matine is! She springs around the arena as if she is as light as air!

Take a look at this video

She is clearly a better dancer than me! It only took Blue Hors Matine 6 minutes to win the hearts of the judges and the audience. Did she win your heart? I bet she did! Share away, people!