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Hilarious Horse Photobombs Little Girl And It’s Caught On Camera

Say cheese! That is what we all say just before the picture is taken, so it looks like we are smiling!

It is nice to see happy faces in pictures! We probably all have a photo album (or two) full of memories.

Our parents (like parents today) took hundreds and hundreds of pictures of us while we were growing up.

Those photos are our life – even if you don’t remember anything about the photo or the people in it with you.

The best thing about photos are the happy memories they can evoke.

There is also the photo bomb. That joker that comes along and ruins the perfect shot with their goofy face!

Most photo bombs are actually quite hilarious!

Check this one out!

Take a look at this photo!

The Clydesdale had perfect timing!

There is no doubt that this photo will always bring a smile to this girl’s family! You couldn’t have planned that at all!

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