Horse’s Favourite Toy Is Secretly Replaced, And His Reaction Speaks A Thousand Words

There are few animals who love to play as much as Snipes the horse! The beautiful brown and white steed is the epitome of an overgrown kid at heart, and he spends all day trotting around, playing with toys, and kicking balls while in his enclosure on the farm.

Although Snipes will play with virtually anything, there’s one toy he’s always loved most – a red rope toy. Every day, when he goes out, it waits for him, draped over a fence on one side of his enclosure. But as the years have gone by, the toy has slowly worn down, and at some point, it became too ratty to play with at all anymore.

So Snipes’ mom went out and bought him a brand new toy – a stuffed duck – and placed it where the red toy usually waited for Snipes every day. When the horse stepped out to find his favorite plaything, he was shocked to see it was no longer there, but an imposter was in its wake!

Naturally, at this point, anyone would be expecting the worst – but to everyone’s surprise, Snipes reacted well! He took a moment to be puzzled and confused, but it wasn’t long before he’d happily picked the toy up and started gleefully tossing it around, playing with it excitedly. It seems like Snipes may have found a brand new toy to love!