Emmy award-winning cameraman Greg Harriott most likely expected a routine day of filming when he showed up to capture an interview with horse breeder Gonzalo Vial.

His patience was tested when Chunchun, one of the horses at the stable, decided to steal the show.

The crew was filming an episode for ABC’s Born to Explore hosted by Richard Wiese on location in Santiago, Chile.

While the crew was aware that they would be working around horses, surely none of them expected to endure harassment by a playful, affectionate horse.

Greg had unknowingly set himself up for trouble when he got into position to film directly in front of Chunchun’s stall.

The interview was already in progress when the horse’s hilarious antics began.

As Richard Wiese, Gonzola Vial, a translator, and a lovely black horse were proceeding with the interview, Chunchun gently rests his chin on Greg’s shoulder.

The professional cameraman does his best to ignore the playful advances of the horse.

Not wanting to disturb the interview taking place, Greg continues filming even as Chunchun’s antics become more difficult to ignore.

The silly horse begins nudging Greg’s head and gently nibbling at his ear!

Chunchun apparently does not give up easily, and he resorts to tugging on poor Greg’s shirt collar.

When that doesn’t work either, the horse tries the old nibble-at-the-ear trick again but this time not quite as gently as before.

Greg is seen wincing in pain a bit and silently mouthing Ow!

Throughout the ordeal, Greg does his job and continues to film.

He is definitely a good sport and manages to smile at Andy Ames, the producer and director who caught this priceless interaction on camera.

We hope Chunchun eventually received the attention that he craved and will not have to steal the show again in the future!