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Baby Starts Crying In The Middle Of A Stable And Gentle Horse Handles With Care

Horses are usually known to be majestic creatures, you know, creatures with their own ‘oomph’ and aura.

So naturally when I saw this video, I couldn’t believe my eyes!

If you’re a parent, especially to a tiny baby, you know the importance of catching a break, even for a few minutes.

But what do you do when you have no one to help you?

This tiny baby was in the middle of the stable when boredom finally caught to her and she began crying.

Naturally the horse, who was minding its own business, decided that it was time to handle the situation.

What it does? It starts rocking the car seat the baby lay on!

Miraculously the baby stopped crying completely and rather enjoyed the company of her new furry babysitter!

Take a look at this video

This little girl is going to grow up with a loving horse, also her furry babysitter!

How lucky can some people be?!

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