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Rescuers Come Across What They Call The Worst Case Of Animal Cruelty

Homeless and stray animals all over the world are often subjected to unthinkable cruelty.

The island state of Malta is in the Mediterranean Sea and the organization Association for Abandoned Animals is dedicated to helping the animals that live there.

One stray, named Horace, was found in terrible condition.

The white boxer’s head was covered in blood.

Some used a knife or a crude cutting instrument to cut off Horace’s ears.

One of his eyes was ruptured too.

At the Happy Paws Clinic, Horace was cleaned up and examined.

They found that Horace had been shot in the face.

How long had this dog been tortured?

It will take more than one surgery to get all the lead pellets out of Horace’s head, and doctors say that some of the pieces will be impossible to remove.

Let us hope the people responsible are found and punished.

Feel better soon, big guy!

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