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See What Honey The Kitten Does To Her Daddy When He Kisses Her!

Oh, the love our animals have for us is like no other. Cats and dogs cannot show us affection in the same way a person does – they aren’t people! But, they have their own unique way of showing us they care. Some cats bring dead rodents into the house. Dogs will jump up and down and bark like crazy when you come home.

Quiet times are the best. Cats love to curl up on your lap – some dogs do too! If you have a pet in your life, you are a very lucky person! The kitten in this video is calmly sitting on her dad’s shoulder. When he leans over and gently kisses her, she responds! Her response is adorable!

Take a look at this video!

She starts to kiss his neck and bite his ear! How did she learn to do that? This has to be the cutest thing I have seen in all day!

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