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Café Owner Offers Homeless Man A Job When He Shows Up At Her Door

Twenty-something year old café owner Cesia Abigail was surprised back when a homeless man entered her café, Abi’s Café, in Minneapolis, Minnesota and asked her for money.

She quickly asked him why he didn’t have a job and told him that nothing is given to her for free.

The homeless man explained that he was a felon and that made it very hard for him to secure employment.

Just to stay among the living, Marcus, the homeless man, had to steal and panhandle.

homeless man

Image Credit: Google Images

Instead of turning away Marcus, like most would do, Cesia put him to work in her El Salvadorean restaurant.

It turned out that Cesia had been struggling to keep her restaurant open.

She was over-worked and underpaid, so Marcus was just what she needed.

Her being short-staffed that day worked for both as she quickly told him that she couldn’t pay him anything, but he could work for food.

He got excited and said with a smile” I’ll do anything for some food!”

Almost two weeks later, Marcus shows up every day for his two-hour shift and helps take out the trash and wash the dishes.

She has begun paying him for his two-hours of work and guess what he does with that money?

He buys food from her restaurant because he says that it makes him feel good.

Marcus is now a changed man because he feels that he has some self-worth.

Everyone truly deserves a second chance without judgment because you never know the troubles that they have gone through.

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