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Homeless Boy Sits Next To A Rich Boy. Moments Later His Nightmares Become Reality

You may be sorry when you make a wish – right? You should always be careful of what you wish for. The video below is a production from the Media Arts Production Skills (MAPS) film school and is called “My Shoes.” The little homeless boy is ridiculed by his classmates for his looks and his shoes. Later he sees a well-dressed little boy sitting on the park bench and is envious.

Life isn’t fair, and the boy is upset with how the ‘other half’ live. The boy sits down and looks at his shoes then back at the other boy. You don’t see the story from the vantage point of the well-dressed boy. Turns out he is actually envious of the poor boy. I won’t give away the end – you will have to watch and find out why the well-dressed boy is so envious.

Take a look at this video

Now this is something we all have to keep in mind. How many times have we been told to be happy and content with what we have? Share away, people.