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Home Nurse Spends Her Tax Return To Stock Fridge Of Struggling Patient

We are a very a very materialistic society. We want the best clothes, the fastest cars, and the latest technology.

Amanda Mary Perez, a home nurse in Pennsylvania, is no different. She was at a patient’s home recently when he asked her if she could clean out his fridge.

She opened the door to find that it was empty. The man had no food. She asked him who buys his food.

The man looked down and said that he buys his own food – when he has the money.

There was no way that Perez was going to let him have nothing in his fridge. People need to eat. People don’t need to have the latest fashion. That is what Perez realized.

When she got off work, she went to the store and shopped for this man.

She used her income tax return to buy as much as she could for him.

She posted her story on Facebook.

She wrote that she didn’t post the story for recognition, she posted it to show everyone that there are people who have it worse than most of us.

We should be grateful for what we have.

You shouldn’t be angry about what you don’t have.

If you have a roof over your head and food in your stomach – you are doing quite well for yourself.

It is true that you can’t take “it with you when you go.” Maybe we could share a little bit more of what we have with those who have less.

Share away, people.