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15 Easy Ways To Keep Your Home Free From Mice And Rats

Mice and rats make good pets, but when they’re “strays”, they carry disease and can be very annoying pests to have in your home.

Luckily, there are plenty of easy tips that can help get rid of them. Here are 15 simple tricks to keep rodents away!

1. Cover Leaks

If you have pipes that are leaking, it’s time to get them fixed! Rodents need water to live, and damp conditions provide them with a source of hydration.

2. Block Holes

Rodents who make nests in your home leave entrance holes for them to get there.

If you patch them up everything you see them, mice and rats will be discouraged from continuing to make homes in your house.

You can use caulk, steel wool, plaster of paris, copper mesh, or even cement for this job.

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda has a very strong smell that mice hate. Sprinkle a bit of it wherever you see signs of rodents.

If you have pets, though, make sure they can’t get to it as it is toxic for them.

4. Cat Litter…


Not only is cat litter strong-smelling and deterrent to mice, it is also associated with cats and informs rodents that it isn’t safe for them there.

Hiding mice and rats will start running away when they smell it!

5. … Or A Cat

Cat litter works wonders, but there’s nothing quite like a real cat to keep mice away.

If you’ve been looking for a reason to get a feline friend, now you have one!

6. Peppermint

Peppermint oil is a powerful repellent for mice. Place some drops onto cotton balls and leave them around the house, replacing often.

You can also use fresh mint plants for the purpose. If you have pets, though, make sure they can’t get to the cotton or plants, as both are toxic for them.

7. Animal Waste

There are pet stores that actually sell animal waste products, and they are meant to be safe and easy to use in the form of pellets!

Opt for predator waste to scare away mice. Just put the pellets wherever rodents tend to be.

8. Cloves

This strong-smelling plant can be sprinkled around rodent nests to drive them out.

A mesh bag full of fresh, strong cloves also does the job. Replace your leaves regularly for freshness.

9. Check The Compound

Rodents sometimes live around the home compound instead of within walls.

Check for holes and look out for burrows, and cover them up. Getting rid of junk and weed in your yard will also help.

10. Dryer Sheets

trenttsd / flickr

The strong smell of these is enough to deter rodents if placed near their homes. Wrap something they hate the smell of in dryer sheets for double the effect.

11. Learn To Use Traps

Lots of rodents learn to avoid mousetraps. Spread them out around their favorite areas, and do so in large numbers.

Lean snapping traps against walls so mice cannot easily go around the triggers. Don’t just stick to cheese bait, either – dried fruit and chocolate work well.

12. Don’t Use Poison

Rat poison doesn’t work how you want it to. It’s dangerous to your pets and takes a long time to work, and it makes the rats themselves poisonous.

13. Clean

Keep your house tidy and clean as much as possible. Clean off food residue, throw out old food and garbage, and store all food in tight containers.

14. Cedar Balls and Moth Balls

jill, jellidonut… whatever/ flickr

These stinky items keep all sorts of pests away. Leave them near high rodent activity areas, but keep them away from pets.

15. Devices

Some ultrasonic devices are capable of scaring away all manners of pests through sound waves. Some are more effective than others, so mix them with other anti-rodent methods!

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