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Only 10% Of The People Get This Right: How Many Holes Does This T-shirt Have?

There are some pictures online that viewers can’t seem to make sense of because they are optical illusions.

One image that is circulating on social media websites features a white shirt. People have to determine how many holes the shirt has when looking at the image.

Although this should be an ordinary question with a simple answer since it’s a shirt, it has a lot of people stumped.

Only about 10% of the people can answer the question correctly.

This is one of those images that you might have to sit down and think about for a few minutes, but once you realize what the question is asking, the answer becomes obvious.

There are a few options given as to what the answer could be including two, six, or eight.

When you look at the shirt, it appears to be a normal white T-shirt with no designs. However, there are two holes cut through the middle.

This is where the tricky part comes into play because you have to use these holes to come up with the answer.

The correct answer is given on most websites once you’ve had a few moments to think about your selection.

You begin by counting the obvious holes that you see for the head and arms as well as the one at the bottom.

Then, count the holes that are in the center of the shirt. However, since they go all the way through, you need to count them twice.

This is because a shirt has two sides, and if there’s a cut in the middle of a shirt, then there will be holes in the back as well as the front, creating two separate holes instead of one.

The correct answer is 8 holes!