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No One Believed Him When He Said What His Dog Does In The Car, So He Filmed This Video

We have all been through this – you tell people about something that happened to you, and no one believes it. You can swear up and down that you are telling the truth, but some people need proof. Adam Douglas told his friends that his dog, Tommy, likes to hold hands while they are driving. Sounds pretty farfetched – right? Well, Adam’s friends thought so too.

So, to prove it, Adam shot a video. You can clearly see that Tommy isn’t happy unless he gets to hold Adam’s hand! If Adam has to pull his hand away, Tommy urgently tries to get the hand back! This is such a cute video. I imagine driving makes Tommy a little nervous. Holding Adam’s hand probably helps Tommy feel better!

Take a look at this video!

I wonder if Tommy is one of those “back seat drivers” trying to tell Adam to slow down?! Oh, the things we do to keep our pets happy!

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