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Here’s Why Everyone Should Have A Himalayan Salt Lamp In Their Home

Due to its increasing popularity recently, you may have seen a Himalayan salt lamp at least once or twice!

These lamps are basically large chunks of Himalayan salt that have been hollowed out enough to insert a lightbulb, which then shines through the crystal salt.

They have well-known positive effects, such as helping combat seasonal affective disorder and depression via the warm light and negative ions they give off.

There are also many other reasons to get one!

1. Better Air Quality

These salt lamps can help improve air quality by absorbing water molecules in the air. In the process of doing so, they absorb air pollutants as well.

Once turned on, the heat from the lightbulb evaporates the moisture the Himalayan salt has absorbed, leaving the pollutants it collected trapped inside.

2. Reduce Airborne Allergens

By extension, it can also help with allergies! It can trap and collect allergens such as microscopic mold, dust, pet dander, and mildew through the same method, creating a healthier environment for allergy-sufferers.

Because of its effectiveness, pink Himalayan salt inhalers are available for asthmatics to purchase.

3. Fall Sick Less

The lamp’s natural filtering properties can also help with coughing via the same method.

It does this be alleviating the symptoms of the common cold, such as sore throats and sneezing.

The negative ions it produces can even protect the room’s occupants from illness-inducing airborne pathogens!

4. Sleep Better

Being natural negative ion generators, Himalayan salt lamps can help with creating better sleep as well.

It is argued that an excess of positive ions in our environment can affect the quality of our sleep.

The negative ions produced by these salt lamps can neutralize such an environment.

5. Be More Energetic

The negative ions produced by these salt lamps can also draw out positive ions from our bodies, an excess of which is theorized to make us feel less energetic.

6. Feel Physically And Mentally Better

Other benefits it has includes bettering our concentration and helping us relax and unwind after a long day.

It does this by encouraging increased blood flow to the brain, giving the brain more oxygen and making us feel better.

It also increases our serotonin levels, which is essentially our “happy” hormones.

7. Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation

The negative ions a Himalayan salt lamp has more uses – neutralizing electromagnetic radiation.

Just about every electronic device gives off this sort of radiation, and this radiation has long-term worsening effects on the immune system, stress levels, and chronic.

Keeping a lamp close to your workspace can help reduce this effect.

8. Eliminate Static Electricity

That isn’t the only benefit Himalayan salt lamps offer in the electronics department.

Thanks to the negative ions it produces, it also can reduce or eliminate static electricity by neutralizing positive ions.

This is a similar effect you will get by just going outside and getting some fresh air.

9. Save The Environment

Here’s also a bonus – they are also environmentally friendly!

Bulbs used in these salt lamps are usually low-wattage lamps.

So if you only need a little light, all you have to do is turn one of these on.

And the light they produce isn’t dim either – a single lamp’s glow is fully capable of lighting up a whole room.

Considering just how beneficial a salt lamp can be, why not go out and get one yourself?