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Hilarious OBGYN Has Perfectly Right Answers To All Your Pregnancy-Related Questions!

Pregnancy is a frightening new experience for many, resulting in many expecting parents having multiple questions to ask their OBGYN a full list of questions. In order to answer some of them while setting a humorous tone to diffuse tension, this OBGYN put up a hilarious FAQ sign in their lobby.

The pamphlet starts out with the question, “Should I have a baby after 35?” To which the answer is, apparently, “No, 35 children is enough.” As you can expect, it only gets funnier from there as all questions are answered similarly. Some of these questions even include cautioning partners against alimony and reminding all parents that nothing will be the same until their kid moves out 18 years later.

Take a look at these answers

pregnancy questions

Image Credit: Reddit

It might not be the most factual of sheets, but it’s definitely the funniest and is sure to brighten the moods of stressed out or worried patients!

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