If there’s one place all pets seem to unanimously hate, it’s the vet. Being handled by a complete stranger and sometimes having to endure a bit of pain definitely isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time, but for pets who don’t realize that it’s for their own good, it’s even worse!

Maxwell, or Max for short, is a very intelligent cockatoo. He’s learned that when his Dad brings out his carrier, it means that he’s headed to the vet – and boy, does he hate the vet! There is no way he’s getting into that carrier, no matter what Dad says. He begins to protest, loudly speaking in a garbled mishmash of words and phrases he’s picked up over the years.

It almost sounds like he’s swearing in anger!

Dad does his best to try and convince Max, with a mix of encouragement and reprimands, that it’s time to go and he should know the drill by now, but all that does is serve to make Max even angrier. He gets louder and his words become even angrier. This bird is not going to the vet without a fight!

Exasperating but adorable, Max reminds all pet owners of the struggles they go through for a little veterinary checkup. Despite all the hassle they cause, we love our little pets unconditionally anyway!