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Hidden Camera Catches What Waitress Does To Elderly Man’s Food. Now It’s Going Viral

Adrian, 78, just wanted to have a nice breakfast when he stopped by Texas Waffle House in La Marque.

But when his food arrived, it became apparent that he was too weak to cut up his ham. His hands were not functioning well and his fork and knife were getting nowhere.

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Luckily, Evoni Williams, a teenage server at the establishment noticed the man – who was also on oxygen – struggling and came over to help.

She cut his food for him so he could enjoy a nice breakfast, and he was very grateful.

But what Williams didn’t know was that a patron at the restaurant, a woman named Laura Wolf, was sneakily taking a photograph of her.

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Wolf was impressed by Evoni’s kindness and posted the picture she took on Facebook alongside a caption explaining what happened.

Originally, she had only wanted to share that picture with her Facebook friends to applaud the good deed, but what she hadn’t expected was that the photo would go viral with hundreds of shares and positive comments, and over ten thousand likes!

The news even reached Adrian, who doesn’t use social media, because someone he knew told him he’d gone viral on Facebook.

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Meanwhile, Williams carried on working at the Texas Waffle House.

She was doing so in order to save up for college, and behind the scenes, countless strangers touched by her kindness were paying her back.

The City of La Marque was so proud of her that not only did that create a day in her honor, but they provided her with $16,000 to add to her college fund!

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Watch the video to see what happened!

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