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Mom Sets Hidden Camera To Record Dogs While She’s Away – The Results Are Heartmelting

You really have to watch yourself these days – cameras are everywhere, and they are recording nearly every step you take! Sometimes, the cameras catch the mundane and boring side of life – but, then other times they can catch something sinister and illegal. The best hidden camera footage, however, is of something cute and unexpected!

A dog mom decided to use her cameras to see what her two dogs would do at home when she was gone. Just ten seconds after she closes the door, both dogs are howling! Within a couple of minutes, they are both howling and both staring at the door! It is as if they think that howling will bring their mama back!

Take a look at this video

After about five minutes the dogs have stopped howling and curled up next to the door – there is no way they are going to miss it when she comes home! Share away, people!