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Hidden Camera Captures Bear Who Broke Into Home And Played The Piano

The Vail Police Department got a call about a bear disturbance on the afternoon of May 31. When they arrived, they found nothing. But it was clear that a bear had entered an apartment through an open kitchen window. The woman who lived in the apartment wasn’t home during the invasion, but she did have a surveillance camera!

When the authorities viewed the footage, they saw the culprit raid the fridge and play the piano! Okay, the bear really didn’t really play the piano, but he did touch the keys more than once. It is hard to be the lookout and the thief all at the same time! Can you imagine coming home and finding a bear in your apartment?!

Take a look at this video!

I am not sure what the protocol is for that! For more information about how to be sure bears don’t enter your home, click here.

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