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Dog Rushes In Bathroom And Bites Mom’s Arm. Then Mom Realizes It’s A Warning

Does your dog wander in and out of the bathroom? Patches didn’t. So, one day, when Patches ran into the bathroom, his mom, Nola was shocked. Nola was taking a bath and never expected her dog to rush into the room. But, Patches had a very good reason – the house was on fire! Nola had had the radio on and didn’t hear the fire alarm. Smoke and flames were everywhere.

Patches lead Nola through the smoke and flames to safety. Then Nola saw the car; it was parked right next to the house. She thought the car would explode and decided to run back into the burning house to get the car keys. But Patches wouldn’t let her back in! He stood on the porch and growled at her!

Watch the video below to see what happened next!

What a brave and very smart dog, don’t you agree? Dogs are man’s best friend and protectors! Share away, people.