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16-Year-Old Hero Risks Life To Push Blind Elderly Man’s Wheelchair Home Away From Tornado

You know the struggle gets real when there’s a tornado warning in town because no one is ever completely prepared for a situation like this.

When the city of St. Louis, Missouri received a tornado warning, double amputee, blind and wheelchair-bound, Gregory Beck, knew he had to rush back home from the grocery store before the tornado hits his city.

But as we all know, such circumstances can alter the mind, leading to tons of anxiety thereby hindering our train of thought, leaving our brain haphazard.

Gregory knew then his return back home was going to be a challenge.

He struggled to push himself back home despite the blaring tornado sirens warning people to seek shelter.

Usually, it took Gregory about 25 minutes to return home, a trip that included multiple stops so he could recover his strength before starting to push again.

On that unfateful day, people in their cars honked at Greg, asking him to hurry back home, but no one came to physically help him.

Then came 16-year-old Seth Phillips.

Seth was driving with his mom when he spotted an exhausted and terrified Greg trying to push himself to safety.

He immediately asked his mother to stop the car and what happened next was nothing short of a heroic move from a very compassionate young man.

Take a look at his heroic gesture here

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