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Hero Mom Makes Final Sacrifice For 3-Year-Old Son Swept Away By Waves

Most parents would do whatever it takes to make sure their child is safe – even if it means giving their own life to save their child. Brandy Mosley, a mother from Palestine, Texas gave her life so her four-year-old son could live. Brandy and her sister and son were on vacation in Galveston, Texas.

They were all soaking in the sun and waves on Crystal Beach when Brandy’s son got knocked over into the water by an unexpected wave. The boy was having a hard time getting his footing but had floaties on and managed to make it back to shore.

Brandy grabbed him up out of the water and handed him to another adult nearby. When they turned back, Brandy was gone. No one is sure if it was a riptide or an undercurrent that swept Brandy away from the beach.