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Hero Dog Spots Man Trying To Attack Woman With Knife – Immediately Risks His Life To Save Hers

This is the story about a dog named Hero. Although at the beginning of the story, the dog had no name, he was just a homeless dog wandering the streets of Baldwin, Georgia. As any hero would do, the dog sprang into action to help someone in distress!

Hero approached a man and a woman having an argument. The man had a knife and was about to stab the woman when Hero lunged!

dog saves woman

Image Credit: YouTube

Hero was stabbed five times and when Sgt. Timothy Clay and Officer Daniel Seeley rushed him to a veterinary clinic for help.

Hero had lost a lot of blood, but the veterinarian was able to get him stable enough for Carla Welch from Fighting for the Bullys to move him to Tennessee.

Hero is still waiting for a forever home. If you are interested or know someone who can help, contact Fighting for the Bullys today! Share away, people.