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Because Some Kids Go Without Food For Days, This Hero Builds A New Kitchen For Them

In Detroit, the Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Center’s kitchen was in terrible need of a reworking. They only had a microwave and a fridge capable of storing the simplest of snacks and a few tables scattered around in the room of peeling paint.

Khali Sweeney, the founder of the center, was heartbroken when he realized that some of the kids had to spend some days without food at all due to the center’s inability to provide for them. He partnered with a local food bank to create nutritious meals for the kids, but the problem of the barely-there kitchen remained.

Take a look at this video

The room was brightened up, and an oven, extra microwave, and dishwasher were all installed. There were even new sectioned off areas for reading and eating. Now the kids don’t have to worry about going hungry again!

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