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Hero Boater Spots Wildfire, Then Cranks His 1,000 HP Jet Boat’s Motor To Put It Out

A grass fire broke out along the Thompson River located in Kamloops, British Columbia. Koyne Watson and Tasha Hunt were out enjoying the day on their jet boat when they saw the smoke on the shore. They soon realized that if they could get close enough to the shore and make “rooster tails” with the water, they could help extinguish the blaze!

That is exactly what they did! Watson used the 1,000-horsepower engine to churn up the water and splash it on the fire. The passengers in the boat said they really had to hold on tight as Watson did his work! Watson is a hero in my book. Since April 2017, more than 800 wildfires had burned up approximately 4,260 square kilometers in British Columbia.

Take a look at this video

Who knows how much damage this fire could have done – and thanks to Watson, we won’t ever find out! Share away, people.