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Herd Of Curious Cows Can’t Stop Following This Beaver’s Every Move!

There is a herd of cattle in Saskatchewan, Canada that is obsessed with a beaver! Yes, you read that right – a herd of 150 cattle and one plump beaver! The video below was posted on April 17, 2017. You will see the beaver come across the field with his posse right behind! They are all walking at the same pace – if the beaver stops, so do the cows!

No matter which way the beaver heads, the cows will go that way too! This is a skill most of us didn’t know beavers had – they can herd cattle! I wonder what the cows at the back of the herd thought about this – did they ever wonder what they were all doing?

Take a look at this video

Several times it looked like some of the cows wanted to get a closer look (or smell) – but when the beaver moved – they jumped back! Fascinating, isn’t it?!

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