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Teen Kills Himself After Being Bullied, Heartbroken Mum Shares Her Thoughts

Daniel Briggs was just 16 years old when he shot and killed himself. Daniel had been the victim of relentless bullying – for years. He was physically taunted and attacked.

Daniel put on a brave face for his family, but he was struggling on the inside.

Daniel’s parents tried to get some help or support from the school but never got any help.

Daniel made the painful and ultimate decision to end his life. Watch the video below to hear from Daniel’s mother.

If you have children, you will want to watch this – but be warned, it is hard to watch.

Teach your children well. Bullying is wrong, and it hurts.

Take a look at this video

Share this video, we need to spread the word to prevent tragedies like this from happening.

No one should feel so helpless that they take their own life.

Rest in Peace, Daniel.