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Hen Protects Abandoned Kittens By Sitting On Them Like An Egg

Do you know any chickens? Me either!

Not many people have much experience with live chickens.

It is generally an insult for someone to call you a chicken.

But as for the animal, what are they really like?

We know they lay eggs and cluck.

They are often hunted and eaten by foxes, humans, and the occasional hawk.

But beyond that, who knows what a chicken does during the day?

The hen in this video is going to help us figure out what matters to chickens most.

She is sitting on something.

Now, before you go thinking that she is laying on her eggs or her chicks – wait!

She isn’t laying on either one!

She is hiding something else.

Wait until you see what she has been keeping warm!

Take a look at this video!

It would appear that chickens are good mothers and will take care of any baby in need!

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