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Hedgehog Hit By A Car Fought Hard To Live Because Of Her 5 Tiny Reasons

When more than one life is at stake, the fighting spirit can really soar. When someone stumbled across a wounded hedgehog hanging onto her life by a thread on a road in Israel after being hit by a vehicle, it seemed like nothing short of a miracle that she was still alive.

Immediately, the little critter was brought to the Israeli Wildlife Hospital in Ramat Gan, and it was there that the truth was revealed.

hedgehog mother

Image Credit: ספארי – Zoological Center Tel Aviv – Ramat Gan, Safari

This brave hedgehog had been clinging to life with all she had because she had five growing hoglets in her belly who needed her to. The wound to her head was quite severe, but staff were able to keep the mother-to-be in a stable condition and fed her while she recovered. She slowly regained strength, and it wasn’t long before she gave birth to a litter of adorable little babies!

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Now, she’s even strong enough to breastfeed them. Staff at the hospital are waiting for her to fully recover before releasing her and her litter back into the wild. What a touching story of maternal love!

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