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Heartbroken Mama Dog Think Stuffed Animals Are Her Puppies After Hers Passed Away

Losing a child has got to be the worst feeling ever. It would be the one thing a parent should never have to experience. A dog named Twinkle living in California lost all three of her puppies during labor. Twinkle’s owners, Leticia Hernandez and her son Xavier, had adopted her but didn’t realize she was pregnant.

Xavier said that Twinkle became very distressed after losing her pups – and who can blame her? But, how can you help cheer up a dog who has lost her pups? Leticia had an idea, she bought Twinkle three stuffed animals, and it worked! The tiny stuffed animals are not real babies, but they are helping Twinkle so, let her have the toys!

Take a look at this video

What a good idea! Twinkle is lucky to have such a loving family!

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