healthy dog gets euthanized

I don’t even know what to think about such an act performed on an otherwise healthy dog. What was everyone thinking?

Including the person who euthanized a healthy dog just so she could be buried with her dead owner? Yes, you read that right.

So who made that decision?

The owner. Apparently, the owner mentioned in her last will that she wanted her healthy dog to be euthanized so she could join her in the afterlife.

The Chesterfield County Animal Services described Emma, a Shih Tzu mix, to be a healthy, happy and a loving pup who had no idea her life was about to be cut short since her owner wanted her euthanized so they could be buried together.

Chesterfield Animal Services’ manager, Carrie Jones tried hard to convince the family to not euthanize a healthy dog, but her request only fell on deaf ears.

Carrie even mentioned that it would be easy to rehome the dog and that euthanization wasn’t required, but the family refused.

Emma was unfortunately euthanized at the local vet and then her body was transported to a pet cremation center in Richmond.

Her ashes were placed in an urn, all ready to be buried with her dead owner. But now, is this legal?

Virginia Funeral Director’s Association’s president, Larry Spiaggi claimed that it was illegal to place animal remains in the same casket a human will be buried in, while Virginia Law states that it is illegal to bury human and animals in the same cemetery.

Like I mentioned in the beginning, I have no idea what to think about this.

While I don’t mean to criticize the dead owner for wanting to euthanize an otherwise healthy pup, I don’t know what else could possibly make things better.

Many people online are calling this act as ‘heartless’ and ‘inhumane’, many believe that the owner was nothing but ‘selfish’ for cutting a healthy dog’s life short.

What are your thoughts?