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Surveillance Camera Catches Odd Moment When Doll Comes To Life (Video)

Remember the movies starring “Chuckie” that creepy doll that went around killing people? Well, this isn’t about Chuckie -but it is about a creepy doll. A CCTV camera caught the action last September. The first part of the video shows a little girl playing with a doll. The ‘creepy’ doll is sitting off by itself.

Keep an eye on that doll – it will tilt its head! Then the second part of the video shows the same girl in a different room. She is working on something when all of a sudden the papers on the table move. The girl is scared and runs off. When she comes back – the papers flutter again!

Take a look at this video!

The girl’s father installed the cameras, and the little girl had been complaining that ‘something’ was interrupting her while she played. Okay, I’m done, I’d move out of that place and not look back! Share away, people!