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Harrison Ford Shares How His Marriage Survived Scandal, Plane Crashes And A 22-Year Age Difference

Celebrity couples are notorious for being incredibly short-lived, with the marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries taking the cake at ending just after 72 days.

So it comes as a pleasant surprise to all that 76-year-old Harrison Ford and 54-year-old Calista Flockhart are still deeply in love with each other.


In fact, the two will be celebrating their 8th anniversary together with their adopted son, Liam, this year!

But just how have the two of them made it work so well in Hollywood where so many others quickly fail?


First, we should probably look at how we got here.

Harrison Ford is no stranger to relationships, having had four children from his two previous marriages, in addition to the now-known affair he had with his co-star, Carrie Fisher.

So considering his steamy but ultimately unsuccessful attempts at a romantic relationship, just how did he end up with “the one” for him?


Rumor has it that Flockhart, at the time the star of Ally McBeal, was so excited to meet Ford that she had accidentally spilled her drink on him when they finally met at the 2002 Golden Globes.

Flockhart, however, insists that it isn’t true.

First, they had been talking for at least 20 minutes before any wine was spilled, and second – it was Harrison that did it.

Certainly the epitome of “meet cute,” if you were to ask anybody!

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It seems like it was love at first sight. The two were smitten and started secretly dating – all while Ford was still trying to untangle from his marriage with his estranged second wife.

It could only stay a secret for so long, however – by next year, Ford admitted he was in love.

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Later that year, the two of them started living together – and this time, Ford took his time in getting to know his new lover – and the infant son she had adopted just a year before they met, Liam.

6 years later, he was certain she was the one for him and popped the question on Valentine’s Day while the two of them were on a romantic getaway.

Luckily for him, she said yes!


In 2010, the two of them were wed in a casual ceremony somewhere in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The relationship apparently has been smooth sailing since then, despite the massive 22-year age gap.

According to Flockhart, the age difference doesn’t bother her at all – in fact, it was easy to forget just how much older her husband is.

She even admitted that sometimes, she feels like she is the older of the two instead – and often by a significant amount!

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So, what is this Hollywood duo’s secret to such a strong, ongoing relationship?

Apparently, good parenting skills and a great sense of humor, according to Flockhart.

This certainly is something Ford agrees with – he can’t stop talking about being in love with his wife, and how his world revolves around the two of them.

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Hopefully, this Hollywood couple will continue defying the odds and stay strong together!