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2 Handsome Doctors Serenade Patients. Sultry Voice Has Internet Falling In Love

Doctors and surgeons save lives every day. It’s rare that they ever get any time off to themselves, as they often spend most of their time rushing to different patients and working shifts at ungodly hours.

Image Credit: YouTube

Dr. Elvis Francois and Dr. William Robinson are two Orthopedic Surgery residents at Mayo Clinic. Their daily stress can be tiring, but they also understand that it is a difficult time for many patients who have to undergo surgery too.

So one day, when they had a little extra time, they sat down at the piano in their clinic lobby to perform a short song for the waiting patients.

Image Credit: YouTube

Dr. Robinson began to play the keys of the piano, letting loose a gorgeous melody, and Dr. Francois began to sing Mike Yung’s “Alright” in an amazing voice that you might not have expected from someone in the medical field! Coupled with the emotional lyrics that could resonate with every single patient and person sitting in that lobby, the song filled the hearts of those watching, and you could tell that these two doctors meant every word from the bottom of their hearts.

These surgeons are gifted in more ways than one – with the hands to heal the body, and with the voice (and hands, too!) to produce beautiful music to heal the soul. Their message came across loud and clear and succeeded in uplifting all those watching – even us, at home.