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This Dog Not Only Picked His Own Treats At A Store, But Also Paid For Them Himself!

Do you take your dog shopping with you? Many of us take our pets to the pet store, yes, but how about taking your dog to the store to buy tires? Doesn’t make too much sense – right? What do dogs know about tires? My dog likes to smell tires – but that is about all the expertise she has on the subject!

Most dogs are not allowed in stores other than pet stores. Hali, a border collie, loves to go to the local Canadian Tire Store with his humans. While at the Canadian Tire store, Hali will ‘shop’ – he puts all the goodies into the basket. The goodies make their way up to the register, and Hali even pays for them!

Take a look at this video!

What a smart dog! I sure hope that after all his hard work Hali gets to enjoy one (or two) of those treats! Share away, people!