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Cops Come Across A ‘Block Of Ice’ Which Turned Out To Be A Nearly Frozen Kitten

This tiny ginger kitten was found by two police officers on a very cold day. The two RCMP officers heard the little cat crying for help on March 10, 2017, in Weyburn Saskatchewan, Canada. The weather that day was bad, and the two officers were patrolling the highways to make sure there were no people in need of assistance.

Instead, the officers found a cat who needed their immediate help! Const. Ryan Oram and Cpl. Sean Chiddenton initially thought that the shape they saw in the distance was a block of ice – but soon realized it was a cat.

They backed up their vehicle, and the nearly frozen cat started to walk towards them. Thankfully, the traffic was moving slow, and the kitten was not injured by the passing cars. Oram scooped up the kitten, and they all went to the Prairie Animal Health Centre.

It is estimated that the kitten is 4-5 months old and had probably been on his own for a while (he was very skinny).