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Perpetrators Scam Buyers By Shaving Kittens To Pass Them Off As Sphynx Cats

The more rare something is, the more expensive – right?

Some people have to own the rare items to achieve some status or to feel better about themselves.

That is all fine and good if the rare item is a statue or a painting.

But a rare animal should not be exploited so that people benefit from it.

A scam has been reported in Canada about hairless cats.

hairless kitten

Image Credit: Courtesy Photo

One highly sought after hairless cat is the sphynx.

So, Shaniya Yung and Shayla Bastarache both bought what they thought were sphinxes online.

The two women, both from Alberta, soon realized that the cats had been abused – they were not sphinxes at all.

Shayla had used the classified ads site called Kijiji to find her two kittens.

hairless kitten

Image Credit: Courtesy Photo

She picked up her cats in a parking lot and paid cash.

Within two weeks, her ‘hairless’ cats started to grow hair.

Both Yung and Shayla do plan to keep the kittens they purchased (at least they are kind-hearted people).

They are now spreading the word about the scam to other people don’t get duped into paying a lot of money for a hairless cat that isn’t at all hairless.

hairless kitten

Image Credit: Courtesy Photo

The Alberta SPCA hasn’t had luck finding the person responsible.

Roland Lines, SPCA communications manager, said that the abuse to the cats was for money.

A sphynx cat can bring in about $1,000.

Because of the demand, the ‘fake’ cat seller could sell cats in a parking lot and get away with it.

Be smart. Adopt – don’t buy.

Don’t fall for online scams about hairless cats.

Adopt from a shelter.

hairless kitten

Image Credit: Courtesy Photo

Share away, people.