We’re all used to a little rain in April – but what happens when it isn’t just a light shower, but a rush of hail?

As it turns out, people are more than ready to do anything to protect themselves, and their property!

In North Texas, meteorologists started revealing in weather reports that an upcoming spring day included a high chance of bad storms – super-cell thunderstorms, to be specific.

These types of storms bring fast, strong winds and heavy rain – and, sometimes, as in this case, some hard-hitting hail the size of tennis balls!

Weather reports and new channels began to warn people about how damaging the hail can be, especially towards cars and vehicles.

Shortly after, Alex Mazieri of Frisco shared the condition of her car post-hail.

The poor Cadillac Escalade was completely peppered in dents from the heavy hail that poured from the sky.

Soon, others realized that, in order to safeguard their cars, they would have to get pretty creative!

Some decide that their best option was a classic hail protector, one that could be inflated with a typical air pump.

They made sure the protector was all ready to go and wrapped it around their cars – resulting in hilarious, cocoon-like structures fit for any caterpillar!

Of course, many people do have garages, so they’ve attempted to fit as many cars as possible into a single garage.

Ever wondered how to fit four cars into a garage with only three bays?

Well, we can’t tell you, because nobody seems to have quite figured out the exact geometry required – as seen in this photo from Jennifer Seale!

Her husband’s truck just couldn’t make it in!

Some also tried to get their cars up into their front porch – a lot to be sure, but perhaps worth it?

Jo Peterson shared this picture and jokingly made fun of people using bedding and mattresses to save their cars.

Unfortunately, not everyone was able to get their cars under proper cover.

As such, the only remaining option was attempting to shield their vehicles with a variety of padding.

On the Facebook page for a local news station, people began sharing their hilarious but somehow smart photos of the solutions they came up with.

This truck has also gone for the pool treatment.

People were searching up and down for the most cushiony items possible.

This poor person didn’t have the luxury of pool products or even extra bedding, so he whipped up a funny contraption with cardboard boxes.

We can’t vouch for its effectiveness, but it’s worth a shot.

How about mulch?

Why use them for the ground when you can slather packs all over your car?

Will they provide a sufficient cushion? Only time will tell…

Really have nothing?

Perhaps clipping of grass will tickle your fancy.

Yes, still in garbage bags.

That’s how this works, right?

And, of course, there were many who were resigned to their fate.

Some jokingly said that their car needed fixing up anyway!

Well, whatever the case, we know who to turn to for car-saving tips: North Texans!