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Grandma’s Cheap Home Hack Will Help Keep You Warm All Winter Long

The cold season is just about upon us now. In preparation for the cooler days and icier nights, you’re probably finding all sorts of ways to bundle up and keep warm without sending your heating bills skyrocketing.

The good news is that there are some fantastic hacks that allow you to keep warm air inside and properly insulate your home.

One of the simplest way comes from a grandmother based in Alaska, shared via her aptly named YouTube channel, AlaskaGranny.

Being from a state where cold weather can get fairly brutal, this grandmother shows us, in her video, how to properly board up a window that’s allowing cold air to get through.

The solution? Bubble wrap!

All you have to do is gently cover the window up thoroughly with the use of bubble wrap.

It’s an incredibly simple trick, and it’s surprisingly effective! It keeps the whole house warmer than ever, and it doesn’t damage quickly, so the wrap can be left there for long periods of time.

When the cold months are over, bubble wrap is also super easy to remove and won’t leave any marks on the window.

The grandmother shows us how to cut bubble wrap so it fits snugly against the window.

Then, you spray the bubble-side down with water and press that bubble-side face-first against that window.

Just a little pressure is all that’s needed to keep that wrap sticking well!

When spring comes around, it peels right off easily.

Skeptical? YouTube commenters have piled in, saying they really feel the difference and use it on windows and doors.

When they do that with lots of their other windows, the whole house becomes significantly warmer.

On top of that, they enjoyed greater privacy thanks to the bubble wrap!

Looking for other solutions to the cold that won’t have you cranking up the thermostat and watching your bills climb?

Here are five other options!

1. Run cold water

Glenn Gallas, the Vice President of Operations for the Mr. Rooster Plumbing service, turning on a faucet and having it run cold water is a great way to prevent freezing pipes.

Another cool sink-related hack: simply leave your cabinets beneath the sink open so warm air can continue to move around!

2. Leave the fan on

When you’re cold, the last thing you might want to do in turn on your fan.

But having a fan on the lowest speed and spinning clockwise can allow for any warm air that is rising away to be pushed downwards, keeping it in your home.

3. Move furniture around

Sometimes, without realizing it, your furniture arrangement may be unwittingly blocking radiators and heating vents.

Take a look at your furniture and, if that is the case, consider it time to shift things around.

You can also make direct adjustments to your radiator by sticking a sheet of tin foil shiny side out against the wall, so the heat can reflect off that shiny area and reverberate back into the rest of the room.

4. Improve your insulation

Martin Pettitt – Flickr

If they need repairing or aren’t insulating enough, it may be time to give them an upgrade.

5. Get a humidifier

Your Best Digs – Flickr

As you may have guessed, more humidity means a warmer room.

Use a simple, inexpensive humidifier at home to keep rooms from getting too cold.