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Guys Plan To Watch Football, End Up Saving A Dog’s Life Instead

3 men who were heading to a local football match decided to drop by at an animal shelter on their way.

One of the men, Luiz Salles, wanted to adopt a dog but was unsuccessful in finding a suitable dog to adopt.

However, Luiz and his friend, John Hwang would meet Lua at the shelter in Southern California.

John often goes to local animal shelters to take photos of dogs in need.

One of them was Lua. Luiz had immediately fell in love with Lua the moment they met.

Image Credit: John Hwang

Lua had been at the shelter for 2 months and suffers from a degenerative hip injury so she had trouble getting adopted.

Image Credit: John Hwang

Lua did not let that deter her though, she happily greeted the 3 men when they met her.

Image Credit: John Hwang

Luiz had finally adopted a dog. She was his main priority instead of heading to watch the football match.

After the paperwork was settled, the 3 men immediately went to a nearby pet store to prepare for Lua’s arrival.

Image Credit: John Hwang

Lua accompanied them to the pet store and was happy to finally have a loving family. Lua even fell asleep in her new bed!

Even though Luiz and Lua had only known each other for a few days, they had become good friends.

Image Credit: John Hwang

Lua had finally found her forever home!

Image Credit: John Hwang

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