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Guys Who See Water Getting Violent, Immediately Start To Record Spectacular Event

Three men were out crabbing in a small aluminum rowboat when they got to experience something equal parts incredible and scary. Just off the coast of Anderson Island, Steven Sloan and his friends Michael Niccum and Eugene Dight noticed something moving in the water about fifty yards away, so he decided to begin filming.

The boys soon found themselves surrounded by the big creatures, known also as “killer whales”, and they panicked and realized they had to escape due to the possibility of danger! Even as they tried to row away, the boat moved slowly and they had to be careful as the orcas were often right under them!

Take a look at this video!

Of course, these boys got away safely and realized how lucky they were to witness such majestic and beautiful animals! It’s worth noting that wild orcas have never been reported attacking humans, and that they’re highly intelligent and even seemed gentle around the boat in the video.

But of course, some concern was needed as they’re huge creatures and their curiosity could cause accidents! Regardless, the trio is happy to have this experience in their memories!

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