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Guy With A Sword Trying To Impress Girl Close By Ends Up Embarrassing Himself

A man, a sword, and a watermelon. This can’t be a good combination! Oh, and then the words “hey, check this out!” You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that someone is going to get hurt! The man in this video thought it would be cool to take a samurai sword and show off his mad skills. He thought wrong!

The whole video only last 19 seconds, that is all the time it took for this guy to learn that you shouldn’t use a sword to try and cut a watermelon. OUCH! What is even scarier is that there were several people standing around watching. Did none of those people have any common sense?

Take a look at this video

Why would anyone let a person do something so – um, stupid? It is safe to say that the man won’t be trying this trick anytime soon!

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