Some events in life are so horrific that you don’t quite know how to respond. This is one of those situations.

A man dragged his dog into a lift with so much force that it smashed and destroyed some of the dog’s front teeth.

What made the situation even worse was that the girlfriend observed the attack on the dog by Daniel Cheslin, and instead of stepping in to help, she laughed and smiled.

Fortunately, the attack and her response were caught on video camera.

The events occurred at the Bedford House in Smiths Wood, a place in the UK where Cheslin and his girlfriend, both homeless, were staying.

When they entered the lift, Cheslin slapped and kicked the dog, then he punched the dog with extreme force in the back.

The person operating the security camera system was shocked by the events and provided the footage captured to RSPCA, an animal welfare and rescue association.

Since the security camera captured the horrible acts of animal cruelty inflected by Cheslin onto Rudy, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the court had undeniable evidence of the crime.

The prosecutor, Sarah Pratt, stated that a vet examined Rudy and found two of his front teeth missing, which matches what occurred in the lift. But that wasn’t all.

Rudy’s eyes had burst blood vessels that were more than likely caused by being hit in the head by Cheslin.

Unbelievably, Cheslin had previously attached a puppy named John that he and his girlfriend were supposed to be watching.

Other offenses include dropping a puppy to the ground from heights and rubbing it in urine.

Cheslin was also known for repeatedly punching Rudy in the ribs. Cheslin’s defense stated that he suffered from anxiety and depression.

Daniel Cheslin entered a plea of guilty to animal cruelty and was sent to jail for 12 months. He was also banned from engaging with any animals for a period of 15 years.

During the process of passing the sentence, Judge Jonathan Gosling said the defendant was wantonly cruel despite the fact that Rudy was an even-tempered and passive dog.

Everyone is relieved that Cheslin will pay for his horrible crimes.