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Man Loses ‘Judge Judy’ Case In 26 Seconds After Incriminating Himself

This video is proof that you should think very carefully about what you say. It only took about 26 seconds for Judge Judy to decide this case!

The case hadn’t even really started yet!

The young girl, Gina Paradeza, is listing off the things that were in her purse the day it was stolen to Judge Judy.

The two teenage boys have been accused of taking her purse.

The girl says that her earpiece was in the bag and one of the defendants (trying to make a case for himself?) says that there was no earpiece in the purse.

But, he wouldn’t have known that if he hadn’t stolen it! Geez!

Judge Judy cracks a smile and finds for the plaintiff!

Take a look at this video

If only all thieves were so willing to confess to their crimes, our court system wouldn’t be so backlogged! Loose lips – lose cases! LOL.

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